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Decarbonize Your Vehicle with TerraClean

  1. BulletDecarbonizes the entire fuel system, including the O2 Sensor and the catalytic converter

  2. BulletRestores fuel efficiency

  3. BulletMaximizes vehicle performance

  4. BulletReduces harmful emissions

The TerraClean Fuel System Decarbonizer’s revolutionary technology goes beyond that of “traditional decarbonizers” by removing carbon deposits from the entire fuel system, including catalytic converters and O2 Sensors.  Where other systems use harsh additives, TerraClean decarbonizes the entire fuel system using technologically advanced chemistry that is safe for the technicians, the vehicle components and the environment.  As well, unlike solvent or detergent based cleaners which can increase emissions during and after service, virtually no noxious emissions are emitted during a TerraClean service.

For a brochure on TerraClean PETROL click here

For a brochure on TerraClean DIESEL click here

North West Regional members of the 75 & ZT Owners Club "Terraclean" meet at Atherton Car Safety Centre September 15, 2012